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An Overview of the SMART TECH Parking/E-Tag Control Software


Our SMART TECH Parking/E-Tag Control Software provides the ability to control gate access for vehicles displaying valid RFID vehicle tags. Some tags may be configured to only pass through a specific gate at specific times, while vehicle entry and exit times can be tracked for billing purposes. In addition, the software allows for a real-time view of all vehicles on site.


We’ve put a lot of thought into the SMART TECH Parking/E-Tag Control Software. It’s designed for maximum flexibility and scalability so that it can grow as your needs change. It is also available in different formats to match your specific needs including:

RFID Software Standalone Parking Control System

Standalone Parking Control System

Overview – Standalone Parking Control System

Smart Tech RFID has developed an standalone parking control solution. This embedded parking control system is reliable, convenient and user friendly. This solution requires no networking or programming needed. The software is embedded right in the reader located at the entrance or barrier into the parking lot. Data exchange is easily conducted by simply using a USB stick. With the software on a desktop computer, you enter and activate the tags with the information on each tag. Once you plug the USB with this information into the reader at the entrance, the system is ready to go. Should you wish to have a report on the parking usage for billing or any purpose, again you simply plug the USB into the RFID reader to upload the information and transfer it to the desktop.

Features – Standalone Parking Control System

  • 24 hour Unmanned OperationOnce the system is set up, no manual monitoring is needed. Cars with valid tags will automatically be allowed into the premise. No need for any button pushing or monitoring of the gate; it is a fully automated standalone system.

  • UHF Technology the RFID technology used is UHF. This adds to the convenience of all the users. There will be no need to swipe a card or enter a passcode. The reader will be able to pick up the id tag which can be located anywhere in the car from up to five meters away.

  • History logs availableIf you wish to see the usage of the parking lot and exactly who has been parking on the premises, this information is stored right on the reader. You can simply insert a USB into the port on the reader and this information can be uploaded to the software on the desktop. These logs can then be viewed to see who and when each person is using the parking premise.

  • Group/Zone Management the system is able to control multiple parking zones simultaneously. Tag holders can be divided into different groups. The system administrator can add different tag holder groups to different parking zones so that vehicles from each group can only enter specific parking zones.

  • Restrict the use of the parking lot only want users of the lot access some of the time? With the embedded parking control system, you can easily restrict the use of the parking lot for the users to specific dates and times of the week.
  • Multiple Deployment Options Available

Smart Tech Standalone Parking Control System is available in the following forms:

  • Off-the-shelf software to run on a local server or PC using a networked connection or as an embedded application
  • Off-the-shelf cloud services 
  • Customized software to meet your exact needs to run on a local server or PC using a networked connection or as an embedded application
  • Customized cloud services hosted on our cloud server or your private cloud server
  • Powered by Smart Tech Auto-ID Engine with such functions as middle ware, drivers, Web interface, reporting engine and ERP module

For the desktop management software, the requirements are:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later.
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 (included in software package).


·         IN & OUT Time

·         Total Time Spend

·         Vehicle Status Report

·         Vehicle Data

·         Weekly, Monthly, Yearly


Other’s Feature

·         Real-time Activity Monitoring

·         24-Hour Unmanned Operation

·         Multiple-Site Monitoring

·         Vehicle Access Control

·         Group Management

·         Surveillance System Integration

·         Billing System Integration

·         Alerts and Email

·         Customizable and Ad-hoc Reports

·         User Group Management

·         Microsoft© Excel Data Import/Export



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